The Democratic-Republican Party of NJ – What we Stand For!

The Democratic-Republican Party was the first recognized political party in the United States, initially formed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, both of the State of Virginia, in the mid 1790s as a way to organize political opposition to the Federal banking and Federal government financial policies advocated by then Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton of New York. Four former United States Presidents (Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe, all of the State of Virginia, and John Quincy Adams of the State of Massachusetts), 5 former Vice Presidents (Aaron Burr of the State of New York, George Clinton of the State of New York, Elbridge Gerry of the State of Massachusetts, Daniel Thompkins of the State of New York, and John C. Calhoun of the State of South Carolina), and literally thousands of United States Senators and Members of the United States House of Representatives, State Governors, and members of branches of the various State Legislatures, as well as countless elected County and Local Offices, were all members of the Democratic-Republican Party and were all elected as “Democratic-Republican” Candidates. The Democratic-Republican Organization of New Jersey is the modern counterpart of the Jefferson and Madison formed “Democratic-Republican Party”, consisting of registered voters who were and/or are still registered as “Independents” (ie. unaffiliated voters), “Democrats”, “Republicans”, and members of the original and real and legitimate modern “New Jersey Conservative Party”. The members have many diverse political views, but all share at a minimum the following three common political views: (1) that the present so called “two party system” and campaign finance laws are broken; (2) That the way to fix the political process in the United States is by acknowledging that Article the First has been fully ratified and is law, and that Article the First must be acknowledged as law and promulgated and the size of the House of Representatives must be increased accordingly, and (3) that no candidate who refuses or declines to sign the “Change the Rules Pledge” should be supported in any election for public office.

Links Below: / is the fight to have Congress start accepting One Representative for every 50,000 people in the USA. Article the First of the Bill of Rights was found to be ratified by an Archive discovery in 2011. The One in Fifty Thousand is what the Amendment requires. This Article never had a time limit and with the Connecticut Archives find that they did ratified, we have a 28th Amendment. The amendment does not need the permission of Congress to be an Amendment. The Courts will have to force the issue.

Change the Rules Pledge – With Citizens United, Corporations became human. A knee jerk reaction is to try and get a Constitutional amendment passed to stop these massive donations to candidates in the House and Senate. We propose a very simple solution, just change the rules.

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